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Birkenhead 93

Birkenhead Corporation Transport Fleet No 93, registration No RCM493 was one of four Leyland Leopard L1's purchased in 1964 to replace four Leyland Tiger PS1's dating from 1948. They were supplied with Wigan built Massey Brothers single deck bodies with front entrance and centre exit doors for one man operation.

Initially purchased for route 44 New Ferry to Eastham to go under a low bridge on Bromborough Road, they were later diverted to other routes such as the 97 and the late night early hours tunnel bus.

No 93 together with its three sisters were transferred to the M.P.T.E. in 1969 and remained in service until 1977. It later became a road safety display vehicle for W.B.C. In 1993 it was donated to Wirral Transport Museum and restored by 201 Bus Group.


93 Badge
93 rear

93 rear