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Wallasey 106

Wallasey Corporation Motors fleet No 106 Registration No CHF 565. This bus is a 1956 Leyland Titan PD2/10. The body on the vehicle makes it unique. It has a 1949 body transferred from a 1936 Leyland TD4.  The body was made by Burlingham and is model type H30/26R.

The bus was in regular service until it's withdrawal in 1965. It was purchased in October that year by Phillips of Holywell and remained with the company until April 1970. In 1972 it was bought by Lister of Bolton and subsequently acquired by the late Norman Myers for preservation.

In 1992 the Hamilton Quarter acquired the bus on loan for continued preservation by the 201 group which is still in progress. With the renewed enthusiasm of this group of volunteers it is hoped that the bus will soon be returned to her former glory.


 old 106