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Tramway Managers
 Major R R Greene
(later to become Colonel)
Wallasey Corporation Transport Tramways manager
RR Greene
R R Greene was Wallasey Corporation Tramways first Tramways manager, hired on a salary of 250 p.a.
He was previously an accountant with the dock board, he lived at 216 Seabank Road, Wallasey now home to a motorcycle dealer. Major Greene was in charge of the local garrison fort known as Fort Perch Rock. The battery appears to have been a volunteers outfit, there orders were to keep the french, our traditional enemy, at bay. Fort Perch Roch was built in the 1850's. He appears to have run the tramway in military manner, expecting staff to salute before speaking to him. The uniforms were also in a military style . Major Greene retired at the age of 70 on a life pension of 268.00 p.a.
Below is a picture of the Wallasey Corporation Tramways staff.
WCT Team
Note the lack of maintenance staff in "scruffy" overalls