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Isle of Man Trams

Isle of Man 11

No. 11 Built in 1886 by Starbuck Car and Wagon Co., Cleveland Street (possibly G F Milnes who had just taken over the works from Mr. Starbuck, Mr. Milnes had been the manager of the works and Company Secretary.

The car is an open 8 bench toastrack, it's now a 32 seat vehicle. In 1963 roller bearings were fitted to bring it up to date! One interesting feature not realised before by enthusiasts is that the floorboards are not tongue and groove, the reason is that the open toast racks can't deflect the rain and a gap in the boards allows the rain to pass through.


Under cover at Taylor Street

Isle of Man 47
No .47 Built by G C Milnes Voss & Company, Birkenhead in 1911. The car originally had canvas roller blinds and cost 185.00.
It seats 47 passengers, there is evidence of the hole for the chimney for the oil lamps fitted at each end of the car although later converted to battery operated lighting. It is fitted with knife edge rain proof seating.
Both tram cars were surplus to requirements of both Jurby Transport Museum and the Isle of Man. The offer was made to us, free of  charge, as both cars were manufactured in Birkenhead. Car 11 is the second oldest car in the MTPS fleet as Birkenhead 7 dates from 1876.

Work has been concentrated on the visible end of the tram, with the steel dash and its wood on steel top rail being refurbished and the new hardwood timber spliced in where necessary. The missing brake staff has been replaced by the intact one from the other end. A new brass swan neck handle has been cast and is being worked on. The driver's bench at this end has been completely re-slatted using new machined wood. The T&G roof at this end is still waiting to be re-joined to the much-refurbished canopy bend, which had to be removed to be worked on.

All the seats on the tram have been refurbished bar the driver's bench at the far end and one of the crossbench seats which is entirely missing and will have to be made by us. However, the steel parts for this are ready, having been made in house. The steel brackets for the missing running board, running the full length of one side of the tram, are now fitted. Steel parts on the underframe, which were cannibilised in the IOM, have been replicated and fitted. Much painting (up to the the undercoat stage) has also been carried out. No work has been done recently on No. 11.
47 end panel
The dashboard has been repaired and paint levels are being built up. Pictured with volunteer Vinny Kelly.

Under cover at Tsylor Street

Birkenhead 7
Isle of Man 11 & 47