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Wallasey No.78

Though built as late as 1920 by Brush, 78 was old-fashioned in design, having open upper deck balconies similar to Liverpool's Bellamy cars. 78 was the very last tram built for Wallasey and it only ran until 1933 when the town went over completely to buses. For more than 50 years, the saloon of Wallasey 78 was used for storage purposes in a North Wales farmyard.

No longer in use it was handed over to the society by the farmer in 1986. Aided by workers from Community Industry, about a year's restoration work was carried out starting in 1987. Supported by Heritage Lottery cash, work was restarted in 1997. The car has now been restored to its original 1920s appearance with that unusual lime green and cream livery and joined the operational fleet in August 2002.


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