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Warrington No.28


On Saturday 24th July 2004, Warrington No.28 was safely delivered to Taylor Street depot from St. Helens Transport Museum, 30 years after being saved for preservation by the late Ray Henton and Alan Pritchard.

Withdrawn in the 1930s the Milnes built car had been in use as a bowling green shelter in Cuddington until 1977.

An assortment of vital components have been obtained for Warrington No. 28 including, Controllers, Air Tanks, Sand Hoppers, etc., not to mention a truck (an ex Brussels longwheelbase Brill 79E).


No 8

Warrington Car No. 8 in service. Warrington Car No. 28 will have the same style covered balcony

28 on trolley
Manhandling the tram body onto the MTPS airport trolley
28 in Taylor Street
Some months later with enclosed end.
MTPS Chairman Terry Martin restoring a destination blind box.
Roof Panel
A decorative roof panel waiting to be restored.
Upper Deck Side
Moving an upper deck side panel
Upper Deck Fitting
Upper deck side panel in place